Bringing people together, playing golf and Raising Money for CALM


For years we have spoken optimistically about creating a golf society for our friends and family to enjoy and call their own. Our idea has been to create a society in which like-minded people can get together, play some golf, get involved in some friendly competition, enjoy some banter over beers and raise money for charity.

We are also acutely aware of the consequences and impact of depression, mental health difficulties and suicide: areas that have traditionally been taboo or tough to talk about, particularly with men and the stigma that they need to just “man up”.

Sadly many of us know individuals who have been affected by depression, mental health difficulties, suicide or even just in need of a friendly ear. Now more than ever (especially after a year of lockdown due to COVID19), we want to make sure our friends and families know that they have people that care about them, have a support network they can access, have an outlet to enjoy themselves playing golf and can feel proud raising money for a worthy cause.

And thus the KASGA (Kent And Surrey Golf Alliance) golf society was born!


Our motivation for setting up KASGA was simple. Get like-minded people together to play some golf, raise some money for a charity close to our hearts and have a few laughs over beers in the clubhouse.

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To ensure everyone gets the most out of being a KASGA member we have come up with a few commadments to take heed of. Most importantly, have fun, raise awareness and raise some money for CALM.

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